Walking a Fine Line

Full disclosure: I was anti-Trump before he ever entered politics. As a high school teenager in New Jersey, he came across my radar as someone looking for attention because he was a millionaire. My emotional reaction, with or without merit, was viscerally negative. Therefore, I cannot present myself as unbiased. Had I ever met or spoke to him, my feelings might have been different. This does not matter here.

In my late 50s, I have seen nothing to change my mind. My schtick is not political, nor do I want to spend extended time defending my views or repudiating anyone else’s.

Since the election results were made public today, I have seen grace and acceptance everywhere. My Republican friends post asking when and where to riot, suggesting their favorite stores (all tongue-in-cheek, these people would never break the law). My Democrat friends post about their relief and hope for all of us. Important to remember: we all want what’s best for the country, even though we may not agree on what that is. This is our starting point. This is where hope takes over. Here is where we begin to come together and heal the divides of the past.

Democrat or Republican, you matter. Your voice matters. Your situation matters. Your family matters. Resentment can be let go, as long as there is a clear way to correction. Biases can be overcome, as long as there is understanding, acceptance, and willingness to change. I am so very hopeful.

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