Quarantine Fatigue or Just Stupidity?

The CDC recommendation is out. The state recommendations have been made public. Do not travel this Thanksgiving! Do not gather with those not in your daily circles. I get this. We will be having Thanksgiving with the four of us who live here and my mom who lives next door.

Here’s my dirty little secret, though…I plan to go to Alaska for Christmas. I have not seen my daughter or oldest granddaughter since I spent a brief weekend with them in February. If it is not prohibited, I am going.

As it stands now, my husband and I will have to pay $250 each for a Covid test upon arrival. We will then be quarantined for 14 days, which is longer than either of us can stay. It doesn’t matter. We will be with our daughter and granddaughter.

I may have to quarantine, at my own expense, once we return home. Ok. My students know I will still be working for them online. They don’t know that I am not paid for those hours. If have to spend sick time or time without pay in order to be Grandma…all good. Have a joyous Thanksgiving and remember what is important!

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