Well, That’s Been a Hot Minute!

Seems the last time I wrote was just before school started, and here we are about to end our winter break. This is not a teaching post, though, except to how it applies to my work life. Maybe yours.

We are all tired. As a nation, we have battled a pandemic that keeps changing the rules of the game. We were responsible, we got vaccinated. Then we got vaccinated again. Then again. We saw our anti-vaxxer family members and friends struggle with Covid, die of Covid. We have mourned, we have honored our deceased, we have tried to be part of the solution. Now we are faced with yet another variant, far more transmissible, although less deadly. For us, that is. How about our most vulnerable?

Due to a potential exposure, through no fault of anyone, we now are not able to visit grandchildren, go to church, deliver groceries to friends (other than by leaving them on the porch), and quite possibly not return to work for the next several days. Who among us has no contact with the elderly? The youngest? The compromised? And who does but doesn’t know it? I don’t have to tell you that you are exhausted but I want to tell you that this is exhausting. What you are feeling is appropriate. I won’t say normal, because this should never be the norm. But in this circumstance, exhaustion and a certain amount of despair is appropriate.

We are adults. It is our job to set an example for how to deal with life’s curveballs, like this one. But we have no experience with this one. Your fear and despair is expected. Mine too. We are all witnessing terrible social and emotional breakdowns among those we love. Again, expected. Not normal. My fervent hope is that we will embrace those who are most affected by this trauma and continue to project the forgiveness that will never be requested. Let’s be gentle with one another. Happy New Year.

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