Just Sayin’ (Teacher Specific)

Here we are, in the oft-predicted teacher shortage and a substitute shortage to boot! In fact, I have even seen it reported that schools are so desperate for emergency classroom coverage that they are recruiting parents and others who possess a high school diploma to come and substitute teach in our classrooms.

I do understand the dedication of parents, and totally get that there may be many high school grads to whom a substitute gig may appeal…but please…no.

We love our local graduates and understand that they have advice for our current students that will be digested and respected. We appreciate this! Your support is always welcome. However, if you are not highly qualified in your subject area (Master’s or higher) and not certified to teach (through the Department of Education in your state), and have not completed substitute training, then respectfully, you are not yet qualified, however well-intentioned you may be.

I do not mean to discourage those who have completed the required number of college credits and the security check/training to substitute in any given district. We appreciate and revere you! The problem, as I see it, is in memes and the like who invite complainers and know-it-alls to apply to sub due to the tremendous need. We, as staff and students, do NOT need the input of those against public education and public safety in our classrooms. When a teacher has to be absent, they hope that the sub for their class will be safety-conscious and attuned to student needs. If you are here to promote an agenda, you need to find another part-time job.

We are desperate for substitutes because teaching as a career has become so very maligned, vilified, and micromanaged. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?! But please, for those who want to substitute and those desperate to hire subs…search your motives? If students are not at the top of the list, you both need to look elsewhere.

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